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software engineer salary florida
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In software engineer salary Florida, the average salary for a software engineer is $105,309 per year. This amount includes a $5,000 cash bonus per year. The highest-paying state for software engineers is California at $130,800 per year, while the lowest-paying state is South Dakota at $82,100 per year.

Salaries by years of experience in Florida

software engineer salary florida

In Florida, salaries for software engineers with five to eight years of experience range from $60,000 to $100,000 per year. Salaries for engineers with nine or more years of experience are generally higher, ranging from $80,000 to $130,000 per year.

Years of experiencePer year
Less than 1 year$98,402
1 to 2 years$101,099
3 to 5 years
6 to 9 years$115,636
More than 10 years$132,432

Top companies for Software Engineers in Florida

software engineer salary florida

If you are looking for a high-paying job as a software engineer, you might want to consider working in Florida. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), software engineers in Florida earn an average salary of $103,860 per year. This is higher than the national average salary of $77,090, and it is also higher than the average salary for software engineers in most other states. One reason why software engineers in Florida earn more money than software engineers in other states is that the cost of living in Florida is relatively low. In addition, Florida has a large number of companies that are located here, which means that there are plenty of opportunities to find a job as a software engineer. If you are interested in working as a software engineer in Florida, it is important to research different companies before applying.

Tesla$201,042per year
Citi$198,457per year
Walmart$177,343per year
Apple$173,958per year
Concentric$168,267per year
Meta$165,008per year
The Structures Company, LLC$165,008per year

Highest paying cities for Software Engineers near Florida

software engineer salary florida

There are a number of great places to find a software engineer job near Florida. According to data from, the city of Tampa, FL ranks as the highest-paying location in the US for software engineers with an average salary of $105,910 per year. Other high-paying locations include Jacksonville, FL ($96,910), Orlando, FL ($94,530), and Miami Beach, FL ($93,530). These are just a few examples – there are many other software engineering jobs in Florida that offer significantly higher salaries than the national average. If you’re looking to find a great place to live and work within close proximity to lots of beautiful beaches and exciting cities, consider moving to one of these top-paying cities near Florida.

  • Miami, FL$153,076 per year 191 salaries reported
  • Clearwater, FL$129,429 per year26 salaries reported
  • Tampa, FL$107,734 per year186 salaries reported
  • Saint Petersburg, FL$107,564 per year9 salaries reported
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$104,381 per year20 salaries reported
  • Orlando, FL$99,381 per year161 salaries reported
  • Jacksonville, FL$95,350 per year46 salaries reported
  • Melbourne, FL$94,617 per year115 salaries reported
  • Boca Raton, FL$88,061 per year5 salaries reported

Best-paid skills and qualifications for Software Engineers

According to Glassdoor, the best-paid skills and qualifications for software engineers are as follows:

-Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field
-Several years of experience coding in a programming language such as C++, Java, Python, or JavaScript
-Proven experience managing software development projects and working with clients/users

  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to problem solve
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

More critical skills and qualifications that pay well

There are a variety of critical skills and qualifications that employers value when looking for software engineers. Some of the most important skills include computer science knowledge, problem-solving ability, and programming experience. Additionally, many software engineers in Florida earn good salaries based on their skills and qualifications. According to, the average salary for a software engineer in Florida is $106,000 per year.

What is the highest-paid software engineer?

Software engineers are in high demand, and the highest-paid ones can make a pretty penny. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 highest-paid software engineers in Florida, according to

  • Sean Healy is the highest-paid software engineer in Florida, earning $172,000 per year.
  • Leslie Hall is next on the pay scale, with an annual salary of $141,000.
  • Arun Ratha is third on the list with an annual salary of $134,000.
  • Craig Young makes $132,000 per year as a software engineer and is fifth on the list.
  • Ryan Schmidt comes in at number six with an annual salary of $130,000.

What is an appropriate salary for a software engineer?

A software engineer’s salary is highly dependent on the company, experience, and location. However, a ballpark figure for the average software engineer’s salary in the United States is $92,000 per year. Keep in mind that this number will vary depending on your location and experience. Software engineers with five or more years of experience can expect to earn upwards of $110,000 per year.

Where are software engineers paid the most?

In the U.S., software engineers earn an average salary of $97,870 per year, according to The most common place where software engineers are paid the most is in Florida, where they earn an average salary of $119,880 per year.

What is a good software engineer starting salary?

Software engineering, like any other profession, has a set starting salary. However, there are many variables that can affect this amount, such as the location and years of experience of the engineer. Based on these variables, here is a list of current average software engineer salaries in Florida:

-Entry-level software engineer salaries start at $61,000 per year.
-Mid-level software engineers earn an average of $75,000 annually.
-Senior software engineers make an average of $100,000 annually.

What is the minimum salary of a software engineer in the USA?

There is no set minimum salary for software engineers in the United States. However, the median salary for software engineers in the US was $97,530 as of May 2016, according to Indeed. The top 10 cities with the highest median salaries for software engineers are San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, Boston, Austin, Chicago, Philadelphia, Oakland, and Los Angeles.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, software engineer salaries in Florida vary greatly depending on experience and location. However, starting salaries for software engineers in the Sunshine State are typically around $70,000. If you’re looking to start a career as a software engineer in Florida, be sure to research salary ranges and find the right company for you.

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